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Airspin HVLS Fans – Total Air Cool Comfort Solution

Airspin HVLS believes in technology and innovation. Our dedication throughout this journey has helped us in breaking barriers for DC motor HVLS Fan and Designer Ceiling in India with our excellence and cutting-edge technology fans.

Airspin HVLS fans have been solving many problems such as heat, airflow, high cooling cost (electricity) and endurable ventilators. Constantly changing the game with excellent after sales service. Airspin HVLS are also equipped with strong technical support and professionally trained maintenance team.

High Volume Low Speed, with just one fan, it is able to move high volume of air at large spaces in low speed. It means, efficiency in performance, powerful in high-tech motor, low operating costs. Airspin HVLS is now the leading industrial and commercial fan supplier.

Airspin HVLS have a wide range of applications, including commercial and industrial settings, residential, and public areas like prayer halls, courtyard and shopping malls. It is also ideal for large and high spaces like warehouses, school halls, open event space, workshop, exhibition centre and etc.


Our High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are special ultra-efficient aero foil profile 5 blade design to properly balance the air and circulate it in even manner and to eliminate the build-up of hot stagnant air by maintaining constant air movement. They create a feeling of freshness that results in a more productive and comfortable environment and to deliver comfort for people working in or visiting large volume buildings by reducing 4–6° temperature. Savings in running costs of up to 15% can be achieved when the fans are retrofitted alongside existing air conditioning systems. The fans are a scaled-up version of the familiar ceiling fans used domestically and commercially to provide cooling and air circulation benefits.  

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.


Energy saving effect

The main advantage of an HVLS fan is its energy efficiency up to the 30% – 40%. As for the example in a 3000 m2 factory, the overall coverage of the factory requires 90 to 110 small size (2.5 ft.) fans at least. While only 2 – 3 Aerial HVLS fan could solve the problem of same. Operation of 100 Hours cost 350 kW electric power for Aerial HVLS fan while 3900 kW for small size fans. Which means it could save 3550 to 3500 kW*.

Three Dimensional Natural Breeze

The comfort brought by the HVLS fan is entirely different from the other fans. Under HVLS fan, one could feel the three dimensional natural breeze from the four directions. So that the whole body would be covered by the air flow and the evaporation area of the sweat could be increased to the largest. 


Commercial: Retail spaces, health clubs, schools, religious facilities, restaurants, theatres, stadiums and airports.

Industrial: distribution and manufacturing facilities, dairy/livestock barns and factories.

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